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Boost Website Speed with CDN

This how-to will walk you through the process of improving your website’s performance with’s content delivery network (CDN). The topics to be covered are: Creating a CDN Resource Add an SSL-Enabled Custom Domain to Your CDN Using Your CDN with WordPress For a complete » Continue Reading.

Your Account – the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first place you land when logging into your account. This document, part of our portal documentation, will acquaint you with the Dashboard and all of its powerful features. You can use the following list to navigate to specific sections of the document » Continue Reading.

Your Account

Welcome to‘s guide to your customer account portal, a unified interface that allows you to manage all your purchased products. The portal gives you access to many useful features, including purchasing any type of certificate, uploading necessary documents for validations, or accessing our powerful » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Domains

The Domains page, found by clicking the Domains tab in your customer account portal, allows you to manage all the domain names you’ve requested products for. In essence, this page collects the domain names from all the certificate orders and vouchers you have » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Monitoring

The Monitoring page, found by clicking the Monitoring tab in your customer account portal, allows you to set and manage automated certificate expiration reminders. Please use the following list of links to jump ahead to a topic that interests you: Introduction to the Interface » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Teams

The Teams page is part of your account portal, and allows you to organize users, orders, transactions and validations into logical groups, called Teams. (For more information about Teams, please refer to our introductory article.)  This document — part of our portal documentation — will walk you » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Users

This document, part of our portal documentation, describes the features implemented in the Users page of your customer account portal. The Users page allows you invite users to your Teams, and manage their access permissions by assigning them roles. You can use the following list » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Orders

This guide, and part of our portal documentation series, is an introduction to your account’s Orders page. The Orders page allows you to easily manage your account’s certificate orders. You can use the following links to navigate the sections of this document: Introduction to the » Continue Reading.

Your Account – Validations

The Validations page is where you can manage any validation actions required for your certificate orders. This document, part of our portal documentation, is a guide to using the Validations page. (You may refer to our documentation for any additional information on other features » Continue Reading.

Callbacks for OV Certificates

A successful voice or SMS contact to a validated telephone number is required to issue any Organization Validation (OV) certificates – also known as High Assurance certificates.’s certificates requiring callbacks include: High Assurance SSL Code Signing Personal Pro Email and ClientAuth Business Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing NAESB Client » Continue Reading.