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Avoiding SSL Errors

SSL/TLS does a great job of protecting data, authenticating connections and generally improving trust online. Like all systems, of course, things can go wrong with SSL, and in different ways. Avoiding SSL errors helps your visitors (and your admins) have a better experience with your » Continue Reading.

Avoid common HTTPS errors

Avoid common HTTPS errors SUMMARY : We have all seen alarming connection security warnings when browsing the web. Although many ignore them, users and administrators alike should be aware of what these errors mean. We will discuss the most common HTTPS errors you might encounter » Continue Reading.

NAESB Client Certificates now offers NAESB WEQ-12 digital certificates to allow access to the OATI webRegistery. This registry has replaced the TSIN registry and now serves as the central repository of information required to support scheduling, commercial, and transmission management operations in North America. Registered NERC participants » Continue Reading.

Standards, compliance and TLS

Last week’s overview explained why deprecating of older versions of TLS is a good move to strengthen secure data transfer in numerous applications. This week, we’re pleased to present a more in-depth look at how this is being mandated by some major standards organizations, such » Continue Reading.

Guide to TLS standards compliance

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol [01] is the primary means of protecting network communications over the Internet. It (and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) have been used for decades in many applications, but most notably in browsers when they visit HTTPS sites. » Continue Reading.

PCI and NIST are deprecating TLS 1.0

Change is the only constant in internet security, and the evolution of standards to protect online traffic is a good example. In this fine article, our writer Nick Naziridis examines why major standards that impact you every day (including ones maintained by NIST and PCI » Continue Reading.

Deprecating early TLS for a safer Internet

SUMMARY: Major commercial and governmental standards organizations are now requiring use of newer, more secure versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your information. We explain why this is a good move and what it means to you. Introduction Earlier this year, the Payment » Continue Reading.

Purchase a New Certificate

The 6 Steps to Success when ordering an SSL Certificate. Select certificate type Pay for certificate Create CSR Submit CSR Validate request Install certificate on website

Create the .well-known folder in IIS

Domain Validation can be a tricky thing, especially since it’s such an infrequent task.  If you decided to use either the HTTP or the HTTPS Hash File domain validation methods and were wondering how to create a hidden directory within IIS, then this article is » Continue Reading. Becomes an Accredited NAESB CA, a public Certificate Authority (CA), and a voting member of the CA/Browser Forum trusted by millions of users worldwide, is pleased to announce accreditation by the North American Energy Standards Board as an Independent Authorized Certification Authority. The North American Energy Standards Board (or » Continue Reading.