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SafeNet Download for EV Code Signing Certificates

Please download and install the Safenet Authentication Client software using the following steps:   Be sure that your eToken is unplugged from your device; unplug the eToken if necessary. Right click and select save the SafeNet Authentication Client using the links below. Select the version » Continue Reading.

Questions about Certificate Transparency

What is Certificate Transparency? Certificate Transparency (CT) is a system which uses public logs to record all certificates issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). Browsers, CAs and other parties can use CT (alongside other existing techniques) to confirm a certificate was correctly issued and thus » Continue Reading. CDN Pricing Packages

Faster site speeds with SSL can boost search page rankings. CDN with https/2 does BOTH for your websites. Pro $20 per month 150 GB 10 websites (resources) $0.08 overage rate per GB Business $200 per month 5 TB 20 websites (resources) $0.05 overage rate » Continue Reading.

Mike @ 03/02/2018 11:33

Excellent Point Each Premium Certificate comes with three sub domains for more flexibility and functionality.

Configure CAA Records to Authorize

How to authorize via CAA Records is a Certificate Authority with trusted roots in many browsers and devices. However, to provide our customers with universal coverage as our own roots are gaining in ubiquity, we are partnered with Comodo to issue 100% compatible » Continue Reading.

Receiving Your Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate Installation Instructions for ordering, retrieving and installing your code signing certificate from After purchasing your Code Signing Certificate from you will need to complete the certificate request at the Code Signing portal. Please contact the support team with your order » Continue Reading.