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Whitepaper: Hosted Enterprise PKI

Enterprises are increasingly turning to hosted solutions for organizational public key infrastructure (PKI) offered by commercial public certificate authorities (CAs). Digital certificates are commonly used by businesses, governments, and other organizations for: Secure web browsing. Authentication of employees for workstation sign-on and internal web applications. » Continue Reading.

EPKI Bulk S/MIME and Client Enrollment

This how-to will walk you through using your Enterprise PKI (EPKI) agreement for bulk enrollment of S/MIME and Client Certificates. Note: For a tutorial on getting started with EPKI, please see our how-to on Enterprise PKI (EPKI) Agreement Setup. 1. Begin by clicking the S/MIME » Continue Reading.

Enterprise PKI (EPKI) Agreement Setup

This how-to will walk you through the process of creating a new Enterprise PKI (EPKI) agreement, which will allow you to issue and manage certificates in bulk from your customer portal. Note: Each team can have only one EPKI agreement at any given time. Find » Continue Reading.

Reprocessing a Multi-Domain UCC/SAN Certificate

It is very common to need to add or remove domain names from a web server’s multi-domain UCC/SAN certificate when hosting multiple websites on a single server. Alternately, you may simply wish to start using a new key. Luckily, these are straightforward procdures in’s customer portal. » Continue Reading.

Initial Processing of a Multi-Domain UCC/SAN Certificate

This how-to will walk you through the initial processing of a multi-domain UCC/SAN certificate order in your customer portal. Note: This how-to covers only initial processing of multi-domain certificate orders. For adding or removing domains from an existing multi-domain certificate, please see our how-to on » Continue Reading.

Automate Common Tasks with SWS API

Automation of common administrative tasks is a great way to avoid time-wasting, repetitive work, and allows for faster response times in case of emergencies. Recognizing this need, both for ourselves and our customers, has created the SSL Web Services (SWS) API, which can be used » Continue Reading.’s SWS API – Introduction

Managing large numbers of certificates can be quite a hassle. Randomly-occurring incidents, such as the recent industry-wide serial number entropy issue, may require administrators to manually revoke and reissue hundreds of certificates at once. Our own support agents and administrators have also experienced this in the » Continue Reading.

Digital Signatures in Microsoft Office 365

Digital signatures provide legal non-repudiation for electronic documents, and are just as binding as signatures in ink on a paper document. When you send your colleagues and customers a Microsoft Word document, Excel workbook, or PowerPoint presentation signed with an Business Email, Client Authentication, and » Continue Reading.