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Job Listing: Validation Specialist

Validation Specialist Full-time technical/clerical/support position at publicly trusted certificate authority (CA) Houston, Texas (Upper Kirby area) Position and Responsibilities The Validation Specialist is responsible for vetting documentation submitted by customers for OV and EV certificate orders in an efficient and timely manner, while maintaining » Continue Reading.

How to Install OV Code Signing Certifcates

This how-to will walk you through installing an organization validated (OV) code signing certificate purchased from on Windows 10. For information on ordering and retrieving OV code signing certificates prior to installation, please check our how-to. Note: These instructions apply only to OV certificates. » Continue Reading.

What is a root store?

A root store is a list of trusted root CA certificates. A certificate authority (CA) uses one or more root certificates as trust anchors for the hierarchy of certificates the CA issues. A public-facing root store is usually maintained under the authority of a major » Continue Reading.

SSL/TLS Best Practices for 2019

In 2019, securing your website with an SSL/TLS certificate is no longer optional, even for businesses that don’t deal directly with sensitive customer information on the web. Search engines like Google use site security as an SEO ranking signal, and web browsers such as Chrome » Continue Reading.

EPKI Bulk S/MIME and Client Enrollment

This how-to will walk you through using your Enterprise PKI (EPKI) agreement for bulk enrollment of S/MIME and Client Certificates. Note: For a tutorial on getting started with EPKI, please see our how-to on Enterprise PKI (EPKI) Agreement Setup. 1. Begin by clicking the S/MIME » Continue Reading.

CSR Generation and Validation with SSL Manager

This how-to will walk you through generating a certificate signing request (CSR) and placing an SSL/TLS certificate order with SSL Manager,’s Windows application for ordering, installing, and managing digital certificates. If you need to install SSL Manager, just click the button below to download » Continue Reading.

Ordering and Retrieving NAESB Client Certificates

This how-to will walk you through the process of ordering North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) client certificates from 1. Navigate to Solutions >> NAESB Client Certificates on the website’s navigation menu.   2. Click one of the two links on the screen » Continue Reading.