Choose the Right Certificate

We get it – the world of digital security is confusing enough, and there’s a plethora of options – how can you choose the right certificate for your needs? is here to help with this article, breaking down and explaining the certificate types available » Continue Reading.

Texas Trusts

HOUSTON TX December 6, 2018 – is pleased to report designation as an Approved PKI Provider by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR). This approval is only granted to companies that meet stringent criteria, including successful comprehensive audits and a demonstrated operational record. » Continue Reading.

What’s HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 aims to make the Web faster, simpler, and more robust, focusing on better performance and security. It might sound like some new experimental project, but all major browsers (and more than 30% of Alexa’s top 10 million web sites) already support the protocol. Chances » Continue Reading.