Business Certificates for Resellers‘s Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing Certificates offer all of the following benefits in one versatile certificate:

  • Secure S/MIME Email
  • Client Authentication
  • Document Signing

All of these capabilities are backed by public trust in our audited authentication procedures and‘s root certificates, which are included in all major operating system and browser root certificate stores. Unlike some other CAs, does not charge extra to provide all three of these important features in one certificate.

Plus, through our reseller program, businesses can easily leverage our years of experience and expertise to add a new revenue stream while providing this same level of trust for their own customers! Resellers can expect to enjoy:

  • Volume Discounts
  • On-line Management Tools
  • SSL Web Services API

Please read our new article for more details on these exciting new business certificates and what they can offer to both you and your customers!