HTTPS: not just for the cool kids

Now more than ever it’s time to move to HTTPS – not just because it’s the secure “cool” thing to do, but because it’s also becoming the standard rather than an afterthought. Scans and crawls in the last six months show HTTPS is growing by leaps and bounds. The barriers that kept people from implementing SSL-based security are things of the past. We now have access to newer and faster protocols, better browser warnings, and many more providers using HTTPS as their standard.

This rapid adoption of HTTPS is not limited to government websites or online shopping. Do you use WordPress to publish your blog posts? WordPress is now rolling out default encryption too. 

Just last week my buddy Tom just wrote a bit about Google issuing warnings for websites without a properly installed digital certificate as “Not Secure”, while this week noted security figure Troy Hunt declared we’ve reached the HTTPS tipping point. [Isn’t it time you adopt HTTPS for your site too?]

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