What is spyware? How can I detect spyware on my computer?

Generally speaking, spyware refers to any computer program that gathers information about a person without his or her knowledge. Spyware programs can track your Internet page views, allow someone else to read your email, and even record your keyboard strokes. They are obviously cause for alarm.

There are several resources to detect and remove spyware, such as bleepingcomputer.com and SpywareInfoForum.com, which offer information about the most common spyware programs, as well as anti-spyware downloads. They also offer free assistance with removing hard to remove Spyware and Malware from your computer.

There are currently two spyware and malware removal applications that stand out from the rest. These two applications are trusted by the anti-malware community and are effective at removing most spyware in the wild today.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware – Has a free version that can be manually run or a fully automated version that runs in the background like Anti-Virus software.

Super Anti-Spyware – Has multiple versions available including a free version.

A trusted place to download Spyware applications is MajorGeeks.