Activate New EV Code Signing Certificate

1. Login to your account at

User Login


2. Click on Orders to see all of your purchased certificates, Click Details under the name of your EV CS certificate (“Company Name”).

Orders tab


3. In the middle of the new page, look for the “physical tokens” section and click “activate” under your token (“5100 eToken”).

Activate token


4. Type the serial number (packaged with your token and located on the back of your token), into the popup window and press OK.


5. Now the token is activated and the initial Activation PIN and Admin PIN are visible to you. We strongly recommend that you reset the initial PINs, copy them and secure them in safe place.


The next step in setting up your EV Code Signing Certificate is to install the Certificate and any Intermediates onto the signing computer.  You can do this by following the process below:

  1. Plug the USB token into the computer that will be used to sign applications.
  2. Open the Safenet Authentication Client, which is installed on the token.
  3. Click the gear icon to switch to the Advanced View.
  4. Look for the “My Token” section, expand it and you’ll see User Certificates and CA Certificates.
  5. Expand User Certificates and double click the item with your organization’s name.  A Certificate window pops up with details about the EV Code Signing Certificate. Look for the “Install Certificate” button at the bottom of the window; click “Install Certificate”.
  6. Now expand the CA Certificates section and double click each item there.  A certificate window will open for each item; click the “Install Certificate” button for each item.
  7. Now, your EV CS and the required intermediate certificates are installed to this computer. You can sign applications using your favorite IDE or the SSL Manager, however you will need to have the USB Token plugged in while doing this.

Contact us at or by using the Live Chat feature that appears at the bottom-right corner of the website. We’re always available to assist our customers.