Your Account – Settings

SSL Certificate Settings

Expiration Reminders

The Settings page in your account allows you to designate recipients for your processed certificates, receipts and order confirmations, and to change the notification schedule for expiring certificates.

To access this page, click the “Settings” tab.


SSL Certificate Settings

Change where you would like to send your account’s processed certificates, receipts and order confirmations in this section.

Email processed certificates to:


Here you may designate where you would like processed certificates sent. The default settings will send certificates to both the administrative and technical contacts you designated when ordering your certificate. You may add different email addresses , and the administrative and technical addresses can be excluded.

Email order receipts to:


This section lets you choose where you would like to send the receipts for any orders you place with The default settings send receipts to both your administrative and technical contacts email addresses. You may modify this information as required.

Email order confirmations to:


Use this section to direct order confirmation emails. Again, the default settings send confirmations to your administrative and technical contact email addresses, and you can change this as desired.

Expiration Reminders

In this section, you may change how you’d like to be reminded when a certificate approaches its expiration date. You may set up to five triggers for your account. Use a value to specify the number of days from expiration for the reminder to be sent. (A negative number will send a reminder that many days after expiration.)


New accounts are set by default to send reminders:

  • 60 days before expiration
  • 30 days before expiration
  • Seven days before expiration
  • One day before expiration
  • 30 days after expiration

Saving and Confirming Your Changes

To save any changes made in your settings, click the blue Submit button:


(No changes will be saved unless the Submit button is clicked.)

After clicking, you will be returned to your dashboard and shown a confirmation message:


As always, contact us at if you have any questions whatsoever about your account.