Your Account – the Dashboard

This article will acquaint you with your account’s Dashboard.


Your Dashboard is the initial place you land when logging into your account. From your Dashboard, you may:

Edit your email address
Change your account password
Become an referral link partner
Upgrade to an reseller account

Changing or editing your email address

To replace or edit the email address associated with your account, click the “Edit email address” link:


You may select a new email address or edit the existing one. Click the Submit button to accept the changes.

Change your account password

To change your password, click the “Change password” link:

Enter your present password, then enter and confirm the new password. Click Submit to accept the change.


Become an referral link partner

This link will direct you to’s Affiliate program home page to provide more information on how to make money through referrals as an Affiliate.


Upgrade to an Reseller account

This link will direct you to resources and information for customers interested in our Reseller program. See this page for full details about becoming an Reseller.