Modern IIS SSL/TLS Certificate Installation – the easy way

Hi!  This tutorial will help you to quickly install a digital certificate in modern IIS platforms, quickly and easily.  These instructions presume the following:

  1. you have already generated a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using “Create Certificate Request…” from IIS.
  2. you have already validated your certificate request with your Certificate Authority (CA) and obtained a signed .P7B file from the user portal.
  3. the .P7B file is saved on the same server where you created the CSR.


If you are missing any of those items, please go back and correct that situation. When you’re ready…


  1. In IIS, select your server and then double click the Server Certificates icon.
  2. Click “Complete Certificate Request…” from the Action pane, on the left.
  3. Follow the wizard, select your P7B file from the saved location from Step 3 above.
  4. After completing the wizard, click on “Bindings…” in the left action pane to activate the certificate on your website(s).
  5.  Restart the web server and you’re complete!


But wait!  If you received an error message about the private key/certificate request being missing, then try the following from a Command Prompt opened as Administrator

certutil -repairstore my "serial number for the certificate with spaces"

Detailed instructions are available here.

If you are still facing issues, contact our support team for assistance.