Receiving Your Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate Installation

Instructions for ordering, retrieving and installing your code signing certificate from

After purchasing your Code Signing Certificate from you will need to complete the certificate request at the Code Signing portal. Please contact the support team with your order number to receive a special URL to take you to the Code Signing Certificate portal at our partner website.


Things to know before you proceed:

  • You will need to perform the following steps from the same computer where you will install your code signing certificate.
  • recommends using either Internet Explorer or Safari to perform these steps. (This is because Internet Explorer and Safari store certificates at the OS level. Other browsers – like Firefox – will keep certificates in their own keystores at the browser level. Using a non-recommended browser means you will need to take an extra step to export the certificate from the browser keystore.)

Certificate Request

  1. Open the special Code Signing portal link from the computer where you will install the code signing certificate.  (If you use Internet Explorer then you may notice a “Web Access Confirmation” warning – if you see this warning, just click “Yes” to proceed.)
  2. Fill in the form; in “Step 1: Product Details” the validity period will already be selected based on your purchase, but be sure to add your email address and to select the SHA-2 hash algorithm. In Advanced Private Key Options you will have the opportunity to select your Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP). However, unless you have a reason to change the setting, it is best to use the default option. You can also set the bit rate for the code signing certificate; 2048 bit is the commonly accepted rate, but 4096 is acceptable and should not cause a significant drain on resources.
  3. Make the private key Exportable by checking the box.  This is important if you want to backup the certificate (which recommends).  Select User Protected if you want to add a password to the private key.  When ready, click Next.
  4. Provide company contact details on the second page. This company information will be used to validate your request. Please provide company details, contact details, and details for an admin contact. Once everything is ready, click Next.
  5. Read the Agreement with our partner company, Comodo. When you are ready, click I Approve to submit your request.


Your submitted order is sent to our pre-processing servers for review. This usually only takes a few moments, but if you notice a delay longer than 5 [or 10] minutes please feel free to contact our support team for an update.


After the pre-processing review and order approval, the Validation Team will check the company information and send an email to your publicly listed email address. This email will have a link to initiate a call to the publicly listed telephone number that we were able to locate for your company. This call must be completed to validate your request! If your company doesn’t have a listing, or if you are ordering as an individual, please contact the Support Team for assistance.


After validation is complete you will receive another email from our partner company Comodo with a link to retrieve your Code Signing Certificate. Remember that you will need to open this link using the same computer and browser that you used to order the Code Signing Certificate! By opening the link, Comodo will send the files to your browser where they will be combined with the private key and stored in your OS keystore (IE and Chrome) or browser keystore (Firefox).


The final step is to associate your Code Signing Certificate with your Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  Here are some links to instruction articles for performing this in common IDEs:

Visual Studio

Java SE

If you don’t see your IDE on the list, please let us know. – we’ll be happy to help. Contact or visit the website and use the Live Chat feature for assistance.