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Purchase Orders

Submitting a Purchase Order Ordering SSL/TLS, SMIME, Code Signing certificates, or any other product or service from via Purchase Order is easy. To request a certificate via Purchase Order (PO), please fill out the form below and upload the PO along with any comments. » Continue Reading.

Google Proves It: SHA-1 is Broken

Most experts have been recommending that SHA-1 be deprecated for some time. Luckily, most websites use SHA-2, a more updated and less vulnerable version of the technology. All reputable certificate authorities, such as, have retired SHA-1 certificates and are using SHA-2.

Install SSL Certificate on NGINX

  Installing an SSL Certificate on the modern (> 0.7.14) nginx platform is quite easy. Locate the server block for your website. Add a listen directive for your secure port and add the ssl Add the ssl_certificate directive; the parameter is the full path to » Continue Reading.

Does the Basic SSL Certificate work with subdomains?

Yes,’s Basic SSL certificate does work with subdomains.  You may select one Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to protect with your Basic SSL certificate.  This FQDN may be either a root domain (for example, or a subdomain (i.e., Whichever you choose, we’ll » Continue Reading.

Introducing Teams – Multiuser Accounts is pleased to introduce Teams to our user accounts! Multi-user functionality is now available to all users – for free! Why Teams? Managing and maintaining digital security certificates can be a complex process. Depending on the organization, the person purchasing the certificate may not be » Continue Reading.

Certificates for Government

SSL/TLS Certificates, Code Signing, and ePKI for Government Agencies Government agencies must provide essential services to the public while protecting personal and sensitive data. Used in over 120 countries, offers a complete suite of cost effective solutions to help your agency or department implement secure and » Continue Reading.

Hosted PKI Solution

Leverage the world class expertise and infrastructure of to host your own dedicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to power your Certificate Authority (CA). Manage the life cycle of any digital certificate (SSL/TLS, code signing, S/MIME, etc) directly through your CA web interface or API, » Continue Reading.

Purchasing Policy and Relying Party Warranty Coverage

This document contains’s Purchasing Policy and warranty information for digital security certificates. Certificate Purchasing Information Basic SSL – Purchasing a Basic SSL will result in the customer receiving a Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate for 1 Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) hostname that is listed in » Continue Reading.

HTTPS: not just for the cool kids

Now more than ever it’s time to move to HTTPS – not just because it’s the secure “cool” thing to do, but because it’s also becoming the standard rather than an afterthought. Scans and crawls in the last six months show HTTPS is growing by leaps » Continue Reading.