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Deprecating early TLS for a safer Internet

SUMMARY: Major commercial and governmental standards organizations are now requiring use of newer, more secure versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your information. We explain why this is a good move and what it means to you. Introduction Earlier this year, the Payment » Continue Reading.

SSL Certificate Maximum Duration Set To 825 Days

As of February 28, 2018, all Certificate Authorities and providers, including, will no longer issue publicly trusted SSL Certificates with a three year lifespan. Starting March 1, 2018, SSL certificate maximum duration will now be set to 825 days. The CA/B Forum (the regulatory » Continue Reading.

Web Host Provider Reseller Program

  Expand product offerings while boosting revenues!   Benefits of becoming a Web Host Partner / Volume Reseller: Volume Discounting that means more savings for you and for your customers Certificate Management Portal to track orders that comes with multi-user Team and Role functionality Smart » Continue Reading.

Relying Party Warranty

Important: Read this entire document before relying upon any certificate. Introduction 1. Definitions 2. Application 3. Covered Losses 4. Covered Persons 5.  Exceptions to the Warranty 6. Certificate Warranty Limits Introduction’s Relying Party Warranty may provide relief to individuals whose reliance on the » Continue Reading.

Relying Party Agreement

IMPORTANT – Do not rely on or use’s certificate services prior to reading and accepting this relying party agreement (“Agreement”). Introduction 1. Definitions and Interpretations 2. Agreement 3. Warranty 4. Indemnity 5. Limitation of Liability 6. Termination 7. Miscellaneous Introduction’s Relying Party Agreement applies » Continue Reading.

Mozilla Joins Google in Not Trusting CNNIC

“He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted” ~ Lao Tzu Rememb er the little story we did a while back about the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) titled The Curious Case of the Google Certificate that Wasn’t. Well, it appears Mozilla » Continue Reading.