SSL Certificate Maximum Duration Set To 825 Days

As of February 28, 2018, all Certificate Authorities and providers, including, will no longer issue publicly trusted SSL Certificates with a three year lifespan. Starting March 1, 2018, SSL certificate maximum duration will now be set to 825 days.

The CA/B Forum (the regulatory industry for digital certificates and authentication) has reduced the maximum validity period for SSL/TLS Certificates to 27 months, with the goal of providing the best balance of convenience and dependability in the digital certificates that protect the websites, servers, and other devices that make up the Internet.

After March 1, the renewal or reissuance term of a certificate originally ordered for longer than 27 months will be reduced to to the new 27 month maximum term. When this 27 month term expires, customers will receive a free replacement certificate, which shall be valid for the remainder of the term of their certificate order.

No action is required for 3 year certificates issued before March 1, 2018 – these are unaffected and shall remain valid for their full term. The new regulations and term limits will apply when replacing any certificate after March 1.

However, is pleased to still offer certificate bundles for up to 5 years of coverage on certain SSL/TLS products, and our exclusive digital certificate management portal combined with’s stellar support make it easy to keep your site protected and make reissuing a breeze!

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