High Assurance SSL

High Assurance SSL

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Improved Security And Trust At An Affordable Price

The High-Assurance SSL Certificate from SSL.com is the easy and affordable way to add brand trust to your digital certificate. Through the use of Organization Validation, you can have your company name appear in the details of your SSL Certificate. This feature helps ensure customers that the website they are visiting is properly associated with your organization.

Why Choose High Assurance SSL?

Like the Basic SSL, the High-Assurance SSL Certificate comes with double protection for your Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and its WWW version at a fraction of the price that other companies charge to protect a single-domain.

99% Browser Compatibility

Compatibility is always a concern when adding to your tech stack or buying an SSL certificate. Fortunately, SSL.com certificates are trusted by over 99% of web browsers, including: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge and IE
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

Unlimited Server Licenses, Reissuances and Key Pairs

When you purchase a certificate from SSL.com, you’ll have access to our advanced user portal to manage your certificates and other key elements of your purchasing and certificate management experience. If the need arises for you to rekey or reissue your certificate, you can initiate the process completely from your portal account.

Works on MS Exchange or OWA

SSL.com’s Premium certificates work with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook Web Access (OWA), meaning MS Exchange users can rest assured knowing this certificate works with their current tech stack.

Improves SEO and Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your page, through customer-facing content as well as backend technical efforts, to rank higher on Google and other search engines. Having a high ranking is vital to bringing traffic to your website and increasing conversions and sales.

Having an SSL/TLS certificate is a crucial element of good SEO practices. If you don’t have one yet, you’re likely missing out on significant traffic that could help elevate your business. A certificate from SSL.com can help remedy that issue.

Courtesy Carryover Coverage Adds Up to 30 Days

If your SSL/TLS certificate still has remaining days on it, you can still renew or switch to SSL.com and the remaining days will be added to your new certificate, up to 30 days.

Activate SSL Secure Site Seal

A site seal is a visual indicator that lets your visitors know that your organization values online security and privacy.The SSL.com Smart Seal is a complementary service that establishes trust by declaring your site’s use of SSL.com certificates, and it comes free with every SSL.com certificate installed. A simple click on the site seal will generate a real-time Site Report that displays status information about the SSL.com certificate installed on your website.

Site Seal

2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption

The strength of SSL certificates relies heavily on the level of encryption they use. SSL.com uses the strongest encryption available for your peace of mind.

30 Day Unconditional Refund

All digital certificate products from SSL.com come with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your certificate, then let us know within 30 days of issuance and we will refund the full price of your purchase upon request. It’s what we promise and it’s what we do.

Full Compatibility With All Versions of SSL and TLS

While it’s always recommended to use current versions of the SSL/TLS protocol, SSL.com certificates are equipped to work with all versions of TLS or SSL.

Increase Customer Confidence with a free Site Seal

The presence of the SSL.com Site Seal will help indicate to visitors that a website is secure and trusted. Increase visitor to customer conversion and retention.

Higher Trust Organization Validated SSL Certificate

Customer Reviews

What are people saying?

on High Assurance SSL
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Thanks for your great support team to help me fix the problem for ssl installation. I love your product and also excellent team!!!
Carl Yun
on High Assurance SSL
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SSL.com allowed us to custom change the OU identifier in each ssl and our server detects those differences to provide conditional logic. Thanks SSL.com!
Chris Tran
on High Assurance SSL
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We only buy OV ssl certs because of the higher validation and warranty. Their top notch service keep us coming back.
Dan Vilno
on High Assurance SSL
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This is my 2nd ssl I bought. I like interface becuase it is easy to use.
on High Assurance SSL
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The ssl.com support team is very responsive - we needed the ou field of the ssl to be specific and they guided us on getting it done correctly - always communicating
Wassef M
on High Assurance SSL
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We got our certificate in 5 minutes with our company displayed in the ssl. very fast and secure

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