Obtain the green address bar for the highest level of trust.

SSL.com’s Enterprise EV Certificate provides the highest level of validation available. An organization is thoroughly vetted to ensure authenticity beyond the standard domain validation methods.

The Extended Validation (EV) Certificate automatically enables a green address bar and displays your verified organizational information within the certificate details. The EV process helps boost customer trust by providing industry leading identity assurance.

Why choose Enterprise EV SSL?

Highest Trust Available
Enables Green Address Bar
Results in higher sales conversion
$250,000 USD Insurance Guarantee
99% Browser Compatibility
Includes WWW
Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
2048 bit SHA2 SSL public key encryption
Unlimited Server Licenses
Unlimited Reissuances
Improves Search Engine Ranking
30 Day Unconditional Refund

Website customers will see the Green Bar of Trust™ that proudly displays your company name and know that your website is safe.

What does a Extended Valiation SSL certificate look like?

Increase customer confidence with a free Site Seal

The presence of the SSL.com Site Seal will help indicate to visitors that a website is secure and trusted. Increase visitor to customer conversion and retention.