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PKI and Digital Certificates for Government

SSL/TLS Certificates and Code Signing for Government Agencies

Government agencies must provide essential services to the public while protecting personal and sensitive data. Used in over 180 countries, SSL.com offers a complete suite of cost effective solutions to help your agency or department implement secure and trusted electronic communications within any budget.

SSL.com is the preferred choice for numerous government entities worldwide to secure PHI (Patient Health Information), defense or homeland security data, education or finance information and for any government data where protection and validation is vital.

Who Uses SSL.com?

SSL.com is used by government agencies of all sizes, including local, regional, national and international entities. Some of our clients include NASA, NOAA, the United States Court of Appeals system, the United Nations, The National Archives (UK), and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Why Use SSL.com?

SSL.com can issue globally trusted certificates to most governments and jurisdictions around the world. Our experienced team of support technicians and vetting agents have the expertise to help you get your properly vetted certificates issued and installed in a timely manner, no matter where you are located or which government agency you represent.

What Does SSL.com Offer?

Government agencies are tasked with unique challenges and require not only the right certificates but the tools to manage those certificates quickly and efficiently.

SSL.com offers the popular Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol to our customers for SSL/TLS certificate automation. ACME is suitable for high-volume certificate issuance for a high-volume of government domains or securing devices at scale. 

SSL.com also offers hosted publicly and privately trusted PKI as a service, and offer the potential for governments and their licensees to bypass the expensive costs and public trust issues associated with an independent infrastructure.

By choosing a hosted PKI with a reputable public Certificate Authority like SSL.com, governments can expect to find:

  • Effective systems already in place for certificate issuance, lifecycle maintenance, and expiration, along with automated notifications of impending certificate expiry.
  • A PKI already operating successfully at a global scale.
  • A CA that is subject to frequent, detailed audits that meet or exceed the standards put in place by the nation’s ICT Authority, and is required to stay abreast of evolving industry standards and best practices.

You can read more about government applications of digital certificates, as well as the world-class expertise and services that SSL.com can offer governments and licensed CAs, in our article covering PKI and Digital Certificates for Government.

For more information, please feel free to schedule a quick demo of SSL.com digital certificates.

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