To prevent tampering or compromise of applications by unauthorized parties, software developers digitally sign their programs with code signing certificates. Extended Validation Code Signing certificates offer the highest level of authentication and security available in signing code, resulting in more trust and higher download counts of your signed applications. Programs signed with an EV Code Signing certificate immediately work with Internet Explorer and Windows® SmartScreen® reputation services.

These digital certificates are especially useful in applications that are distributed through the Internet, where applications can pass through a number of suspicious parties or websites before it finally gets downloaded and installed.

Unsigned applications can easily be altered to include malware or viruses, and these untrusted applications will display warning messages resulting in lower installation yields. A code signing certificate issued from a trusted Certificate Authority such as can prevent all of those problems.

EV Code Signing Certificates combine all the benefits OV Code Signing Certificate including these additional features:


Highest organizational authentication assurance
Company name, address and organization type displayed in the certificate
Signature and time stamping does not expire once certificate expires
Immediate Extended Validation reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen®
Certificate comes stored on FIPS hardware token prevents key duplication
2-factor authentication through hardware token and PIN combination
Required for Windows 10 kernel-mode and user-mode drivers
Required for Windows Hardware Development Center Dashboard Portal access
SHA-256 (SHA-2) algorithm complies with SHA-1 phase out
24/7 support included


Build reputation and increase user confidence –’s partnership with Microsoft helps you establish reputation in Windows and Internet Explorer
Unlimited code signings with EV Code Signing Certificate
Unlimited rekeying of unexpired certificates
SHA-1 is not longer supported by all major browsers and platforms and EV code signing certificates are only available with SHA-256
More Secure Code Signing – The necessary hardware token and PIN involved in the signing process mean that your EV code signing certificate can only be used by the designated developer at his workstation
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