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Contract Signatures: From Ink to eSignatures with

Contract signatures have been a fundamental aspect of legal agreements for centuries. As technology has advanced, the process of signing contracts has undergone a significant transformation, moving from traditional ink signatures to electronic signatures. This comprehensive guide will explore the contract signatures, examining both traditional and modern methods, and introduce
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Cybersecurity Roundup May 2024

Explore’s May roundup on critical cybersecurity threats, including the SugarGh0st malware and the ransomware attack on Wichita, and learn how certificates protect against these risks.
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Lessons Learned, Security Implications and Good Practices for Branded SubCAs

Publicly-trusted Certification Authority owners (PT-CAs) are foundational to the secure functioning of the Internet. They are entrusted by the general, global public and major browser vendors to provide the essential Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) needed to establish trust, secure communications, and facilitate safe online transactions. To maintain their trustworthiness, publicly-trusted
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Streamlining Digital Signature Workflows with eSigner Integration

As businesses increasingly adopt digital signature solutions to streamline their document signing processes, choosing the right integration method is crucial for a seamless and efficient workflow. When considering automating your digital signature workflow, it’s essential to understand the various options available and how they can best serve your organization’s needs.
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What is an eSeal?

An eSeal is a digital signature solution that allows businesses to efficiently sign and secure large volumes of documents with the organization’s verified digital identity. By cryptographically binding signatures to documents, eSealing protects against unauthorized changes and fraud while enabling automated bulk signing workflows. eSealing provides the legal validity, security,
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Cybersecurity Roundup April 2024

Kitchen-Sink Attack Chains: The Primary Cyber Threat to 2024 Elections     As the 2024 elections approach, cybersecurity experts warn that the most significant threat to the democratic process will likely be a combination of various cyberattacks, rather than a single, isolated incident. These “kitchen-sink” attack chains, as they are called,
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