Boost Confidence with the Class Rating and Report

SSL Secured Site Seals for Trusted Websites

The Smart SeaL is a complementary service that establishes trust by declaring your site’s use of certificates, and it comes free with every certificate installed. Displaying the Smart SeaL lets your customers know that your organization values online security and privacy.

When a visitor clicks on the Smart SeaL, a real-time generated Site Report appears that displays summary information about your organization and status information about the certificate installed on your website.

Sample site report
Sample Site Report

There simply is no better way to build trust with your visitors and avoid cart abandonment than by displaying your use of certificates.

The Site Report displays information such as the website address, the status of and assurances about the certificate, basic information about the website’s owner/operator, and verification assurances about the website owner’s identity.

This report helps to reassure the visitor that a third-party, globally-trusted certificate authority such as has undertaken the required steps to validate the website as outlined in our Certificate Practices Statement.

With a trusted name like, your website’s Site Report not only has the backing of a reputable, globally-trusted certificate authority, but also a company which abides by the Webtrust audit program, the governing program that all globally-trusted certificate authorities must follow.

This program is designed to ensure that’s processes remain transparent and that we strictly follow these processes. In short, your website’s certificate and Site Report has assurances and features that no other company can offer.

Increase Transparency with Smart SeaL Artifacts

To help build upon this trust, now offers the validated documents as Smart SeaL Artifacts within the Site Report. This patent pending service increases transparency by optionally allowing your visitors to review the documents we used to validate your organization as part of the process to issue your website’s certificate.

Sample artifacts
Sample Validation Documents Report

You have the option to publish all pages, select pages or no pages of these documents. You can even turn this feature off in the event you’d like to only use the Site Report. Depending on which certificate you purchase, the validation documents report comes free as part of your certificate service or you can purchase the service as an add-on to the Smart SeaL that comes with your website’s certificate.

The following certificate products are Site Seal Artifacts enabled: