now offers NAESB WEQ-12 digital certificates to allow access to the OATI webRegistery. This registry has replaced the TSIN registry and now serves as the central repository of information required to support scheduling, commercial, and transmission management operations in North America.

Registered NERC participants can quickly manage the life-cycle of trusted NAESB ssl, smime, and client certificates through their intuitive PKI portal interface. Each organization (or team) has complete control over their certificates through a secure web-based interface. Each certificate is organized into separate folders labeled “Active”, “Expired”, or “Revoked” depending on the life-cycle status of each certificate.

Identity authentication is also quick and easy and can be done through the web portal as well. Once each identity (an individual or organization) has been verified, the end-user can request as many certificates containing that identity as they like for no additional charge.

As a Houston-based organization and North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Accredited Certificate Authority, has a special connection with the Energy Sector and is proud serve our fellow NAESB members with their digital certificate needs.

Please contact us for more information on our NAESB client and digital certificates can help your organization stay compliant with industry regulations.


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