Web Host Provider Reseller Program

Web Host Provider Reseller Program

Expand product offerings while boosting revenues!

Benefits of becoming a Web Host Partner / Volume Reseller:

  • Volume Discounting that means more savings for you and for your customers
  • Certificate Management Portal to track orders that comes with multi-user Team and Role functionality
  • Smart Seal with certificate report and document artifacts management system
  • Seamless Integration via the fully tested and robust RESTful API

Save up to 40% off retail prices for digital certificates, including Code Signing and EV Certificates! Assign specific technical and/or support roles to individual employees or customers, like billing, validation, and installation. Integrate certificate sales into your existing website using our trusted API system.

SSL.com Web Host Partner / Volume Reseller Details

SSL.com Host Partner Reseller Details

Are you tired of your website hosting customers seeking HTTPS protection from third-party security companies? Have you wanted to break into the digital certificate business, but didn’t know where to start? Are you launching your own PKI solution but seek additional income sources while you hire the personnel and build the technical infrastructure required to become a Trusted CA? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may want to consider becoming a Volume Reseller with SSL.com.

As an SSL.com Volume Reseller, you’ll receive discounted certificate pricing and gain access to the most advanced Digital Certificate Management Portal (DCMP) online. Plus, as a Volume Reseller you’ll be able to manage certificate renewals and installations for your hosting customers. This extra level of support could be a new revenue stream!

Let’s be honest: you know that customers demand fast response times and expect the highest value. Don’t let security certificate acquisition and installation be a bottleneck to the development of your customer’s websites. SSL.com facilitates the acquisition and issuance of certificates so that your customers can quickly and easily secure their websites.

Once you are approved as a SSL.com Web Host Partner/ Volume Reseller, you gain full independence over the validation process to expedite the process flow so that your customers are up and running in no time. Since your organization handles the entire process, you’re customers can focus on what matters to them without the need to get involved with the SSL certificate process.

Maintaining and managing your customer’s SSL.com certificates require an advanced online management tool. With SSL.com’s Digital Certificate Management Portal, you control who receives the certificates, receipts, and expiration reminders (or even when the reminders are sent). You also get advanced reporting and automated certificate processing in the event you need to have a certificate reissued or revoked.

In addition to advanced digital certificate management, you also get administrative level control capabilities over your customer’s Smart SeaLs, Site Reports, and Smart SeaL Artifacts. Other perks for Volume Resellers include access to SSL.com’s patent pending automated Business Authentication Engine, which makes the validation process for you and your customers effortless.

Becoming a SSL.com Web Host Partner/ Volume Reseller is as easy as signing up and selecting a Reseller Tier to join. There are no commitments, quotas or contracts, and you have complete flexibility in selecting which SSL.com products you want to sell. You can even apply your own brand to the SSL certificate products that you sell using our provided neutral landing pages, or integrate certificates from SSL.com into your exiting website via our RESTful API. Why wait?

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