Your Account – the Reseller Program is happy to provide a wide range of clients with state-of-the-art security SSL/TLS certificates and personal support. For our customers who need a large number of certificates (and would like significant discounts) we are happy to suggest the Reseller Program.


Who should become an Reseller?

Although anyone is welcome to become an Reseller, we have tailored this program for our customers who are responsible for securing multiple sites:

  • Web hosting providers may find themselves managing certificates for many of their customers (with a wide range of needs and technical skills).
  • Systems integration contractors might be tasked with securing hundreds of machines across a corporate network.
  • Domain registrars may wish to offer the security of an SSL/TLS certificate alongside their primary products.
  • Merchants can use the Reseller program to broaden their product range – and software providers should remember that the Reseller discount covers code signing certificates, too!

What can the Reseller program do for me?

No matter what your needs, the reseller program will ease management of your bulk SSL certificate purchases while increasing your bottom line through volume discounting. More specifically, the SSL Reseller Program lets you:

  • Purchase multiple certificates easily and with significant discounts.
  • View real-time processing status information of each certificate.
  • Run historical reports on your certificate purchases.
  • Manage and pre-load your account funds.

… and perform a host of other administrative functions as well.

How does the Reseller program work?

Any existing account can upgrade to enroll in our Reseller program. Resellers are organized into tiers, based on what we have found are the needs of our Reseller customers:

Tier  Recommended For Deposit Amount Discount Pricing
1Individuals, “pay as you go”$0.00 NoneClick for details
2Professionals, DBAs, contractors$200.00 20% offClick for details
3Small to medium sized businesses$1,000.00 25% offClick for details
4Large businesses$5,000.00 30% offClick for details
5Enterprise organizationsContact us 40% offClick for details


As your sales volume increases you may escalate into a higher tier at any time, resulting in lowered costs and increased profitability. These brackets are suitable for organizations of all sizes – from independent consultants to government institutions to globally based hosting companies, there’s a fit for everyone.

Sounds great – what’s the catch?

There is no catch! wants you to do well at what you do, and we can help by doing what we do best – providing you and your customers the security that comes from certificates.


Great – but do you have an API?

As it so happens, yes! Any Reseller can also utilize our exclusive SSL Web Services (SWS) API. Write your own custom scripts to automate processes like ordering, validation and rekeying, or to extract information to help you examine and manage your account! Use of the SWS API is free for our Resellers. Learn more about the SWS API.

So how do I become an Reseller?

If you are an existing customer, just log into your account and click the “Upgrade to Reseller” link, then follow the instructions here.
reseller_signup_01 >
If you are a new customer, follow the instructions for creating a new account first, then click the upgrade link and follow the Reseller upgrade instructions.

As always, contact us at if you have any questions whatsoever.