How to sign up for’s Reseller Program’s reseller program offers significant discounts for customers who need large quantities of certificates. This how-to will step you through the process of signing up. The first few steps differ depending on if you are upgrading an existing customer account or are creating a new reseller account from scratch. Use the clickable tabs below to choose between these situations:

Upgrade a Customer Account to ResellerCreate a New Reseller Account

1. Log into your customer account and navigate to the Dashboard tab.

upgrade to reseller


2. Scroll down to your account information and click the upgrade to reseller link.

1. Go to’s Reseller registration page.

Reseller registration page


2. Create a username, enter your email address, then create and verify a password. Review the Subscriber Agreement, then check the checkbox if you agree. Finally, click the Register button. After clicking the button you will be logged into your new account. You will also receive an email message confirming the activation of your account.

Signup form

3. Fill out the Reseller Profile Information form, then click the Next>> button.
Reseller Profile Information

Next button


4. Use the radio buttons in the column labeled Choose to select a pricing tier, then click the Next>> button. Note that each pricing tier requires a different initial deposit. This deposit does not need to be maintained; you will continue receiving the discount you signed up for after the initial deposit has been spent. For example, if you deposit $5,000 and spend $4,800 on certificates you will continue to receive a 30% discount with no additional deposit.

Note: You can view pricing for each tier by clicking the click here links in the Pricing column.

Select pricing tier


5. Next, select a billing profile to deposit funds. If you would like to add a new funding source (such as a credit card), click the Add new billing profile button and fill out the form that appears. When you are finished selecting a funding source, click the Next>> button.

Billing Information


6. At this point, your registration is complete! You will be returned to the dashboard and an alert welcoming you to the reseller program will be displayed.

Welcome to the Reseller Program!

If you upgraded from an existing customer account, the headline for your dashboard will also change from Customer Dashboard to Reseller Dashboard. Reseller Dashboard

Thank you for choosing! If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this page.