Your Account

Welcome to’s guide to your customer account portal, a unified interface that allows you to manage all your purchased products. The portal gives you access to many useful features, including purchasing any type of certificate, uploading necessary documents for validations, or accessing our powerful SWS API.

Note: This is a work-in-progress. The portal provides a rich set of features, with more expected along the way. Hence, please be mindful that the documents could be updated, removed or replaced at any time, to reflect changes in the portal’s functionality.

To access your customer account portal, you must first register an customer account. If you already have a customer account you may safely proceed. For information on creating a new account, please take a look at our how-to guide.

After registering and activating your account, you may proceed to login to it via’s log-in page. Clicking the sign in button will redirect your browser to your account’s Dashboard page, which also functions as the portal’s welcome page.

The following sections contain links to guides explaining the use of various portal features, and tutorials walking you through common procedures.

We are always happy to listen to our customers’ opinions. If you find a feature that is not clearly explained (or at all) in our documentation, please don’t hesitate to let our support agents know, and we will update the documents accordingly as soon as possible.