Enterprise PKI (EPKI) Agreement Setup

This how-to will walk you through the process of creating a new SSL.com Enterprise PKI (EPKI) agreement, which will allow you to issue and manage certificates in bulk from your customer portal.

Note: Each team can have only one EPKI agreement at any given time. Find out more about teams.

Creating a New EPKI Agreement

1. Log into your SSL.com account and click the identity manager link, located on the Dashboard tab.


2. Click the New EPKI button.



3. Fill in the required form elements. At the bottom of the form, review and check that you agree with the SSL.com Enterprise PKI Service Agreement, then check the Service Agreement checkbox. Enter a list of the domains you wish your EPKI agreement to cover in the EPKI Domains field, delimited by spaces; once validated, these are the domains you will be able to issue and manage in bulk in the portal. When you are finished, click Submit.

Create contact or identity


4. If everything has been successful up to this point, you should see a message beginning with “EPKI Agreement was successfully created” near the top of the window, and the validation status of the identity you created will be shown as Pending EPKI.

Pending EPKI


5. Next, click VIEW on the same line as the identity with pending EPKI status.

Click View


6. To add documents for Organization Validation (OV), click Upload Documents. (See this page for a list of acceptable documents for validation.)

Upload Documents


7. Click the Choose Files button to browse for files on your computer. When you are finished selecting files to upload, click Submit.

Choose files


8. When you return to the Identity Manager, the identity with the pending EPKI agreement will reflect the pending status and the number of uploaded documents.

EPKI Pending


9. After SSL.com validates your documentation, your Validation Status will change to EPKI Agreement.

EPKI Validated


Your new EPKI agreement is now in place and you are ready to start issuing certificates! For information on bulk issuance of S/MIME and client certificates, please see our how-to on EPKI Bulk S/MIME and Client Enrollment. If you have questions about EPKI or any other topic related to PKI and digital certificates, please contact us by email at Support@SSL.com, call 1-SSL-Certificate (1-775-237-8434), or simply click the chat button at the bottom right of this page. As always, thank you for choosing SSL.com!