What is a site seal?

A site seal is a visual indicator that let’s your visitors know that your organization values online security and privacy.


The SSL.com Smart Seal is a complementary service that establishes trust by declaring your site’s use of SSL.com certificates and it comes free with every SSL.com certificate installed.

A simple click on the site seal will generate a real-time Site Report that displays summary information about your organization and status information about the SSL.com certificate installed on your website.


Smart SeaL Artifacts

SSL.com is also the only company to offer the validated documents as Smart SeaL Artifacts within the Site Report.

This unique service increases transparency by optionally allowing your visitors to review the documents we used to validate your organization as part of the process to issue your website’s SSL.com certificate.


For more information about site seals, please visit: https://www.ssl.com/smart-seal-details/