Frequently asked questions about eSigner,’s cloud document and code signing service.

What is eSigner?

eSigner is’s cloud environment for remote document signing and individual validation (IV), organization validated (OV), and extended validation (EV) code signing. eSigner is compatible with the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) cloud signing standard, as well as MS Documents. Signing keys and certificates are securely hosted in the cloud by and can be accessed for signing from any internet-connected device with the eSigner Express GUI application and eSigner’s CSC-compliant API.

What is eSigner Express?

eSigner Express is a web-based GUI application that lets you sign documents and code from any internet-connected computer. For more information, please read:

Sign Documents in the Cloud with eSigner Express
Remote EV Code Signing with eSigner

eSigner Express interface

Is there an eSigner API?

Yes! eSigner includes a Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) compliant API that can be used to integrate document and code signing with applications and scripts. Please read these guides for more information:

Remote EV Code Signing with eSigner
Remote Document Signing with eSigner CSC API
Integration Guide to Testing Remote Signing with eSigner CSC API

API call

Which certificates can be enrolled in eSigner?

Any document signing or individual validation (IV), organization validation (OV), or extended validation (EV) code signing certificate may be enrolled in eSigner.

Can I sign kernel-mode Windows drivers with eSigner?

Yes!’s eSigner EV code signing certificates have the same capabilities as our token-based EV code signing certificates, including Windows driver signing and instant SmartScreen reputation. For more information about EV code signing certificates and Windows driver signing, please read:

Which Code Signing Certificate do I Need? EV or OV?
FAQ: Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificates
Register with Windows Hardware Developer Program

Are eSigner digital signatures trusted by Adobe Acrobat?

Yes! is member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), and its document signing certificates are trusted by Adobe software, including Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.

Can I have a certificate on both a YubiKey USB token and eSigner?

Yes! Any new or existing document signing or EV code signing certificate may be enrolled in eSigner, including certificates that have also been issued on FIPS 140-2 validated security USB tokens.
YubiKey FIPS

Can team members share an eSigner certificate?

Yes! Organization-validated (OV) document signing and EV code signing certificates may be shared by team members. Please read Team Sharing for eSigner Document and EV Code Signing Certificates for instructions.

How much does eSigner cost?

eSigner is a subscription-based service, with multiple service tiers to support a wide range of organizations. For current pricing information, please read our main eSigner page.

How can I try eSigner?

eSigner is available to all EV code signing and document signing customers. Please read this how-to for instructions on enrolling a certificate order with eSigner.

How can I report bugs or request new features in eSigner?

If you’ve found a bug in eSigner or have a feature request, please fill out and submit the eSigner feedback form.

Thank you for choosing! If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this page. You can also find answers to many common support questions in our knowledgebase.

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