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Cybersecurity Roundup August 2022

The Security Industry Has Lost a Pioneer  Peter Eckersley, a co-founder of Let’s Encrypt and a contributing voice to the Electronic Freedom Frontier, has passed away. Losing a life battle to cancer, the world sadly lost Peter last week at the young age of 43.  Peter was a computer scientist
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Cybersecurity Roundup July 2022

Machine Identities Are Critical for Cybersecurity  In today’s connected world, robots, intelligent machines, and various automated devices outnumber humans using the Internet. While multiple layers of security are built into networks, a major component is the level of digital trust applied to validating identity. While it is a known process
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June 2022 Cybersecurity Roundup Reminders OV & IV Code Signing Key Storage Requirements are Changing Effective November 1, 2022 OV & IV Code Signing Certificates will be issued on Yubico USB Tokens or available via the eSigner cloud signing service.  To learn more about eSigner solution:   Organizational Unit Field for
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