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The Legality of Digital Signatures: A Comprehensive Global Guide

The digitization of business processes requires a trustworthy electronic equivalent of handwritten signatures to execute contracts and agreements. With individuals and organizations adopting paperless workflows, adoption of digital signatures has exploded in recent years. However, the legality and acceptance of different digital signature standards vary widely across regions. This comprehensive
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What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature, commonly referred to as an e-signature, is any electronic process that indicates approval or acceptance of a document or transaction. E-signatures provide a digital replacement for handwritten signatures, allowing agreements and contracts to be signed electronically rather than the traditional paper-based method. With global digital transformation accelerating
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Digital Signatures vs. Electronic Signatures

Electronic and digital signatures have revolutionized how we sign and authenticate documents, enabling faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly processes. However, the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” are often confused, leading to misunderstandings about their security, legal validity, and appropriate use cases. By understanding the key differences between these two
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Quantum Proofing Next Generation PKI and Digital Certificates

Even in 2016, articles about quantum computers created uncertainties surrounding data security, in the case that sufficiently powerful quantum computers could be built. This article will attempt to shed some light on the situation. What is Quantum Computing? Quantum computing is the application of quantum mechanics principles to perform computations.
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Quantum Threat: PKI Security & PQC Solutions

The quantum threat is a significant concern as quantum computing grows in popularity and profoundly alters the digital landscape. Quantum computing used to be an intellectual curiosity from the middle of the 20th century, but now it is a promising fact. The ideas that make this technology so powerful come
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The Essential Guide to S/MIME for Secure Email Communications

Despite the rise of messaging services, email continues to be the primary channel for business communication. Not only is email use growing, security breaches through email are also growing. Email is a common vector for cyber-attacks, including phishing, malware distribution, and other forms of security breaches. The increase in email
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