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PKI Best Practices for 2023

Data security has been a primary priority since the advent of the Internet, necessitating the establishment of secure solutions such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Today, we’ll look at “Best Practices in PKI 2023,” a framework that has evolved into a key component in ensuring secure transactions, communications, and identity
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PKI & Offline Root Ceremonies for Enterprise Security

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a critical part of digital security. It uses policies, processes, hardware, and software to secure digital transactions, data exchanges, and reliable digital identities. Today, many organizations rely on a three-tier PKI hierarchy for their digital security. In short, PKI maintains a trustworthy digital environment, making
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Email Encryption: Why It’s Your Next Priority

We’re constantly bombarded with news about data breaches and cyber attacks. It’s like walking through a minefield, never knowing when you might step on a hidden threat. Now, imagine receiving an email notification about unauthorized access to your account, or worse, realizing you’ve fallen victim to a data breach. It’s
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Document Signing for Secure Transactions

The transition to a digital-first world is gaining momentum. In this swiftly evolving digital environment, electronic transactions are not merely a rising trend; they are an essential foundation. The pressing question emerges: how can we validate the integrity of these transactions? The answer lies in trust. At the core of
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Cybersecurity News Roundup March 2023

Twitter Removes Source Code Leaked on GitHub By Suspected Former Employee Image above by Markus Spiske from Pixabay. Twitter has removed a source code used for its systems that is suspected to have been released on GitHub by a former employee. Twitter also submitted a subpoena request in California’s court
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Cybersecurity News Roundup February 2023

Chinese Cybercriminals Obtain Thousands of Texans’ Driver’s Licenses Image above by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. The Texas Department of Public Safety announced on February 27 that the personally identifiable information (PII) of a minimum of 3000 Texans with Asian descent have been compromised by an organized Chinese crime gang based
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