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Advantages of Remote Online Notarization for Lawyers

Before 2011, when Virginia became the first state to sign Remote Online Notarization (RON) into law, the practice of notarizing documents in the US had traditionally been conducted face-to-face. State governments provided authority to a notary or lawyer to ensure that the signer/client had a valid personal identity as well
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Using Digital Certificates and Zero Trust in Hybrid Workplaces

The COVID- 19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the workplace into a hybrid of remote work and traditional office. This article tries to shed some light on this modern reality, along with examining security challenges that come with it and how can help companies move forward without compromising
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Why Law Firms Should Invest More in Cybersecurity

A 2020 survey by the American Bar Association found that 29% of the participating law offices encountered some form of a cybersecurity threat, while 21% could not completely determine whether a cyber attack had happened or not. Examples of these cybersecurity breaches include data theft and website exploitation. Furthermore, the
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