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Organizational Unit (OU) Field to be Deprecated by

Important Announcement: The Organizational Unit (OU) Field within an SSL/TLS (website) Certificate, will be deprecated effective September 1, 2022, at the request of the CA/Browser Forum. will discontinue the field effective August 1, 2022, in order for customers to get accustomed to the change. Why Is This Occurring? The Certificate
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May 2022 Cybersecurity Roundup

A lot of newsworthy cybersecurity events have occurred from the start up until the end of May. But before we discuss those, we will open up this newsletter with two new important policy changes made by the Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum for SSL and code signing certificates.   Organization Unit (OU)
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Managing a high volume of machine identities throughout an organization can be a challenge. As Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi, explains: “Often, organizations don’t understand the risks to their machine identities, despite the fact that compromised machine identities are frequently used in cyberattacks.” Venafi leads the way when it comes
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April 2022 Cybersecurity Roundup

The month of April was busy in the world of cybersecurity. This month’s roundup covers an FBI report on a new ransomware service (RaaS) targeting organizations around the globe, a new government agency focused on cybersecurity, and two exciting new updates for products.   FBI Warns of New Ransomware
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Cybersecurity Roundup for March 2022

March’s cybersecurity roundup includes discussions of cyber warfare in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which the US government warns as possibly extending to affect the internet assets of companies and institutions in other countries, including American ones. We also discuss how organizations can protect themselves from these emerging cyber threats. Ukrainian government
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