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Cybersecurity Roundup for January 2022

This month’s roundup discusses two cases hinting at likely trends that government agencies will face when it comes to cyberattacks. As a company that aims to protect governments and private organizations from cyberattacks, we have provided links to full articles that discuss the products and services we offer that beef
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Acceptable Business Listings for Validation

Validation and Callback Issuing a digital certificate is a carefully-structured process which includes you, the customer, providing pertinent information confirming your identity and choosing the validity period and assurance level of your certificate. As a publicly trusted Certificate Authority, reputable browsers and operating systems require us to validate your identity
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Delegated Credentials for TLS

Terminating a TLS connection requires using a certificate’s private key. As a result, the private key needs to be stored at every single server utilized by a service.  The protection of this private key’s secrecy is paramount to the smooth operation of a Public Key Infrastructure scheme. An entity in
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High-volume Document Signing with Digital Signature eSealing

What is eSealing? eSealing is an innovative digital signing service offered by that aims to help companies quickly  sign thousands of documents with legally binding digital signatures.  What makes a digital signature valid, when applied to documents such as a PDF or MS Document, is a certificate that can
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Cybersecurity Roundup for November 2021

Global digital signature market predicted to grow to USD 16.8 billion by 2026 A study by MarketsandMarkets projects the international size of the digital signature industry to greatly increase from USD 4.0 billion in 2021 to USD 16.8 billion by 2026.  According to this market research firm, the primary driving
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