Managing a high volume of machine identities throughout an organization can be a challenge. As Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi, explains: “Often, organizations don’t understand the risks to their machine identities, despite the fact that compromised machine identities are frequently used in cyberattacks.”

Venafi leads the way when it comes to machine identity protection by securing the cryptographic keys and digital certificates of companies and governments all over the world. This global positioning of Venafi encouraged us to partner with them through the Adaptable Driver for Venafi.   Our adaptable driver makes it easier than ever to automate certificate provisioning, keep up on expirations and revocations, protect client access and easily manage your encryption services.’s unrivaled support and expertise brings the best of publicly trusted certificate authority solutions to the Venafi platform.   

Advantages to Business Operations

Lower operational costs with easy automation of certificate provisioning

Certificate management requires speed in auditing, expertise, and constant check-ups of multiple parameters. The immensity of data involved in these tasks can be overwhelming even for a full-time in-house team. Adaptable Driver for Venafi combines the cost-effective security infrastructure of with Venafi’s efficient certificate and access management service.  

Gain visibility into the demand, usage, and workflow of certificate services

Venafi’s user-friendly interface allows any department or team to easily comprehend the analytics of digital certificate management being used by the company.  The Adaptable Driver for Venafi enables companies to automate key and certificate provisioning even at the hands of users who have limited programming background.   This ease of integration allows for clearer communication within an organization on the status of its PKI architecture.    

Ensure compliance and strengthen security with automated notifications, renewals, centralized authorization, and authentication

A company that has a high volume of digital certificates with varying expiration dates are often challenged to effectively track the status of every certificate. Even a few expired digital certificates that fail to be noticed can serve as entry points for cyber criminals to wreak havoc on your data and transactions.   

Integration Features

Full certificate lifecycle automation including request, issuance, renewal and revocation

An upward scale in business operations can result in difficulty managing the digital certificates. Even small to medium-sized businesses can amass several thousands of SSL certificates not only because of the need to encrypt communications with clients/customers but also to secure their private PKI or numerous IoT devices.  With Venafi serving as an integrated management system, there is no need to buy additional software and hardware or hire an entire team to manage thousands or hundreds of thousands of PKI certificates.  A centralized system allows for easier auditing of the health of your PKI ecosystem and provides it with greater security than outsourcing multiple service providers.    

Full support for SSL/TLS, client certificates, S/MIME, and code signing certificates

Venafi’s flexibility allows it to support  a wide range of PKI digital certificates. Whether you want to protect your website, emails, online transactions, documents or software products, Venafi can oversee and process the necessary PKI certificates for these. Concurrently, offers these multiple forms of digital certificates including various validation levels  of SSL/TLS certificates,  client authentication certificates, S/MIME email security certificates, document signing certificates, and EV code signing certificates. The seamless integration of Venafi’s robust certificate management and’s extensive certificate product suite provides an easy, scalable solution forPKI-related cyber security use cases.    

Integrated with latest SSL Web Services (SWS) API

The SWS API can be used to automate various certificate-related operations, such as issuing certificates, re-keying and reprocessing orders, managing user access, and so on via any programming or scripting language.  With the integration of the SWS API with the Adaptable Driver for Venafi, the full certificate lifecycle as well as ingestion of real-time data can be automated and managed through the Venafi platform.



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