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Understanding the Zero Trust Security Model

Zero Trust is a security model that assumes all users, devices, and applications are untrusted by default, regardless of physical or network location. Instead of relying on the traditional “trust but verify” approach, Zero Trust advocates for a “never trust, always verify” philosophy. This paradigm shift is driven by the
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A Guide to SSL/TLS and Client Authentication Certificates for Containers

As a developer working with containers, you are responsible for protecting sensitive data and maintaining your users’ trust. Implementing SSL/TLS certificates for encryption and client authentication certificates for verifying client identities is critical in achieving this goal. In this post, we’ll explore the purpose of these certificates, provide a step-by-step
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Key Management Best Practices: A Practical Guide

As digital transformation accelerates across industries, organizations rely more heavily on cryptographic keys to secure data and enable secure digital processes. Cryptographic keys form the backbone of security for encryption, digital signatures, and authentication. However, more is required than simply deploying the latest cryptographic algorithms. Organizations must have robust key
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Cybersecurity Roundup March 2024

AT&T Confirms Massive Data Breach Impacting 73 Million Customers, Including Compromised Passcodes  After initially denying the authenticity of a leaked dataset containing sensitive information of 73 million customers, AT&T has finally confirmed the data breach. The telecommunications giant revealed that the compromised data, which appears to be from 2019 or
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SSL Certificates and SEO: How to Optimize for Search Engine Visibility

Search engine optimization is a moving target – Google’s algorithms change constantly. However, one constant for boosting your SEO is adopting HTTPS and SSL certificates on your website. According to Google’s Transparency Report, over 89% of pages loaded by Chrome now use HTTPS. This article will explore how SSL certificates
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The Legality of Digital Signatures: A Comprehensive Global Guide

The digitization of business processes requires a trustworthy electronic equivalent of handwritten signatures to execute contracts and agreements. With individuals and organizations adopting paperless workflows, adoption of digital signatures has exploded in recent years. However, the legality and acceptance of different digital signature standards vary widely across regions. This comprehensive
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