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Self-Signed Certificate Vulnerabilities

Self-signed certificates are an easy way to enable SSL/TLS encryption for your websites and services. But behind this convenience lies significant security risks that leave your data vulnerable. This article investigates the pitfalls of self-signed certificates and recommends safer certificate authority (CA) alternatives. What Are Self-Signed Certificates? Unlike certificates provided
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What is SSL/TLS: An In-Depth Guide

This guide provides an in-depth overview of SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security) – cryptographic protocols enabling secure internet communication. We will explain how SSL and TLS encrypt data and protect authenticated internet connections and browsing. What is SSL/TLS? SSL/TLS uses certificates to establish an encrypted link between
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What Is Certificate Pinning?

What is Certificate Pinning? Certificate pinning is a security mechanism used in the context of authenticating client-server connections, particularly in the context of secure communication over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) or other TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. Its primary purpose is to enhance the security of the connection by
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Cybersecurity Roundup September 2023

Tax Time Updates: IRS Plans for Fully Digital Processing by 2025    The IRS is set to digitize all taxpayer documents by 2025, with the US Treasury Department announcing a paperless option for IRS correspondence in the 2024 filing season. By 2025, the IRS plans to process all tax returns
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On-Premises vs. Cloud HSMs: A Comparison

Organizations rely on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to safeguard cryptographic keys and accelerate cryptographic operations for critical applications. HSMs come in two primary deployment models: on-premises HSM appliances installed in private data centers and cloud-based HSM services operated by cloud services providers like Azure and AWS.   This article examines
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SSL/TLS Handshake: Ensuring Secure Online Interactions

Whenever we visit a website, make an online purchase, or check our email, data is transmitted back and forth between our devices and remote servers. This exchange of information over the internet raises an important question – how do we know our data is secure from prying eyes? The answer
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What is SSL/TLS?

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