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Texas Trusts

Texas trusts to secure data and communications for state and local agencies, law enforcement and other crucial users. Shouldn’t you?
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Tracking users with TLS

A new research paper describes a novel method for tracking users with TLS session identifiers. We detail the technique – and how to protect against it.
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TLS 1.3 Is Here to Stay

The world is moving to TLS 1.3, which is a very good thing! This article offers a high-level overview of TLS 1.3, and a discussion on the effectiveness of its new features.
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A look at browser UI security indicators

We look at security indicators in browser UI and give you the state of the field circa now. Changing security indicators might look like a simple UI decision at first glance, but it carries significant implications. Read on for a brief overview of the current status of UI security indicators, as well as upcoming changes and how they might affect Internet users.
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