Buy Individual Validation S/MIME Certificates

Buy Individual Validation S/MIME Certificates

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The IV S/MIME Certificate protects a single email address and signs with the sender’s validated personal identity. This option is suitable for professionals like lawyers, engineers, accountants, or doctors who are required to communicate sensitive information in their own personal name. This protective feature assures your clients that they are actually communicating/transacting with you, and not some impersonator or hacker. 

  • Sign email messages with a validated personal identity
  • Exchange digitally signed and encrypted emails between any number of recipients, including group threads.
  • Digital signature displays your full personal name
  • Quick issuance
  • Compatible with major email client software applications and email services: Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.
  • S/MIME Certificates are also capable of client authentication for accessing critical systems. The clientAuth feature effectively shields sensitive data and digital assets from malicious actors by ensuring that only the verified individuals or organizations are able to login to systems.
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