Expedited Processing and Shipping

Expedited Processing and Shipping

The issuance of a digital authentication certificate requires that SSL.com perform deep investigations into the applicant and its role in the business community. These investigations are customized to each order and take time to ensure that accurate certificate information is included in the final product.

Should you want to take control of the processing time and receive a rush order as available to your area, SSL.com offers 3 options for fast processing and delivery: ExpressExpedited Service, and Expedited + Same Day. The benefits of these options include:

Priority placement at the top of the queue for Review and Issuance

Fastest available shipping method (UPS or USPS)

Express is available for just $299!

Once the Express fee is charged to the card on file, SSL.com will have 2 business days to process and ship your order.

Expedited Service is available for just $599!

Once the Expedited Service fee is charged to the card on file and the validation documents have been accepted, SSL.com will have 1 business day to process and ship your order.

Expedited + Same Day is available for just $799!

Once the Expedited + Same Day fee is charged to the card on file and the validation documents have been acceptedSSL.com will process and ship/deliver your order the same day. 

Customer Instructions for Expedited Processing and Shipping

1.On the Orders tab of your SSL.com customer account, select the unvalidated order you wish to put up for expedited processing and shipping and click the details link to display the information about the order.

2. To the right of the details page, there are two options to choose from.

  • If you would like to order a Yubikey FIPS Token from SSL.com, click the green button to the right that says ORDER ADDITIONAL TOKEN.
  • If you would like to put up your order for expedited processing, click the EXPEDITE PROCESSING button.

2a. Yubikey FIPS Token. After clicking the ORDER ADDITIONAL TOKEN button, a message box will show up allowing you to specify your Yubikey order. Click the drop-down arrow to select the number of Yubikey Tokens you want. Afterward, click the Submit button to finalize your order.

2b. Expedited Processing. After clicking the EXPEDITE PROCESSING button, tick the box for the type of expedited service you want. After confirming it, click the Submit button.


We can only ship your Yubikey token to an address that we have successfully validated as being the  officially-registered address of your business or organization. Note that in confirming your address, we use a Qualified Independent Information Source (QIIS) like Google My Business or Dun & Bradstreet. For a full list of all the QIISs, CLICK HERE.  


You can also email us at sales@ssl.com to add Expedited Processing and Shipping to your order.

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