Install SSL Certificate on NGINX

  Installing an SSL Certificate on the modern (> 0.7.14) nginx platform is quite easy. Locate the server block for your website. Add a listen directive for your secure port and add the ssl Add the ssl_certificate directive; the parameter is the full path to » Continue Reading.

Disable SSL 3.0 in Apache

Configuring Apache to Disable SSL v 3.0 The Apache HTTP Server is configured by placing directives in plain text configuration files. The main configuration file is usually called httpd.conf, and it is easy to update the Apache web server to disable SSLv3 (and thus protect your websites » Continue Reading.

What is a "Cryptographic Protocol?"

A protocol is simply a set of rules or instructions that determine how to act or interact in a given situation. A cryptographic protocol is designed to allow secure communication under a given set of circumstances. The cryptographic protocol most familiar to internet users is » Continue Reading. Announces SHA-2 SSL Support

Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have all announced various plans to stop supporting SHA-1 SSL certificates after January 1, 2017. As a result, began issuing SSL certificates using only SHA-2 (aka SHA-256) as the default hashing algorithm starting September 24, 2014. There are no special flags » Continue Reading.

Is SHA1 Considered Weak for SSL?

SHA1 SSL Certificates This is a question we get frequently, so we thought we’d put together a page that explains why some testing sites are starting to flag SHA1 as “weak.” Various SSL Labs sites are available that will give you a rundown of what you’re » Continue Reading.