Job Listing: Evidence Analyst – Onsite

Evidence Analyst – Onsite

Are you a detail-oriented, tenacious investigator that can locate the needle when others are still looking for the haystack? Then, you are ready to join an industry-leading digital authentication Certificate Authority, is one of the few publicly trusted CAs that issues SSL/TLS, S/MIME, Code Signing, Document Signing, Client Authentication, and IoT Certificates. As a voting member of the CA/B Forum, we are looking to increase our team of talented Evidence Analysts who assist applicants as they collect the documentation required to validate certificate requests. Full and part-time positions with rapid growth potential are available for talented and qualified applicants. Are you one?

Job Description:

Gather evidence of legal registration and identity for all certificate applicants

Verify the documentation and sources used as evidence

Perform authorization calls following a provided script

Coordinate updates of documentation to facilitate the issuance of certificates
and fulfillment of customer requests

Answer customer inquiries and resolve any issues in the application process

Collect all gathered evidence and assemble a validation checklist for review provides an equal opportunity for employment across the globe. We welcome diversity and create an inclusive environment that protects employees from any discrimination in our amazing company.

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