Whitepaper: Hosted Enterprise PKI

Enterprises are increasingly turning to hosted solutions for organizational public key infrastructure (PKI) offered by commercial public certificate authorities (CAs). Digital certificates are commonly used by businesses, governments, and other organizations for:

  • Secure web browsing.
  • Authentication of employees for workstation sign-on and internal web applications.
  • Prevention of fraud and phishing through signed and encrypted email.
  • Authentication of digital documents and code through digital signatures.
  • Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Mutual authentication of servers for internal network security.


SSL.com’s new whitepaper, Hosted Enterprise PKI, gives an overview of PKI, weighs the advantages of private vs. public trust, and outlines the potential advantages of a hosted solution when setting up a PKI for your organization. After reading this paper, you should have a better idea of the relevant issues surrounding the practical choices to be made when planning an organizational PKI and Certificate Authority for your enterprise.


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