A UCC Certificate can:

  • secure up to 2000 entries (first 3 non-wildcard entries are free, additional charge per entry after the 3rd entry)
  • be used on unlimited servers concurrently
  • have its entries changed at anytime or may be specified later without fees or costs
  • have entries that are a Fully Qualified Domain Name (Example: SSL.com) (FQDN)
  • have wildcard domain name entries with a single level (i.e. *.domain.com, but NOT multiple levels like *.*.domain.com)
  • be used on unlimited IP addresses with multiple, concurrent private keys (great for hosting and virtual hosts)
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  • {{ prices[duration][1] | currency }} each non-wildcard domain after 3rd
  • {{ prices[duration][2] | currency }} each wildcard domain

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