Buy Individual + Organizational Identity S/MIME Certificates

Buy Individual + Organizational Identity S/MIME Certificates

Protected By Trust Services IV+OV S/MIME certificates enable email signing and encryption using both  a validated individual and organization identity. Add an extra layer of trust and prevent email tampering both inside and outside your organization with emails signed  with both individual contributor and company identities.

  • Sign email messages with both a validated personal + company identity
  • Compatible with major email client software applications and email services: Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.
  • S/MIME Certificates are also capable of client authentication for accessing critical systems. The clientAuth feature effectively shields sensitive data and digital assets from malicious actors by ensuring that only the verified individuals or organizations are able to login to systems.
  • Exchange digitally signed and encrypted emails between any number of recipients, including group threads.
  • Ensure recipient trust with secure emails 
  • Digital signature displays the name of the employee as well as the company
  • Prevents phishing
  • Protects you and your company from Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks
  • Prevents CEO Identity Fraud
  • Encrypt Sensitive Communication
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