Digital Certificates from, a NAESB Authorized Certificate Authority is a global digital certificate provider trusted by all major browsers, an approved PKI provider for the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), and the only Houston-based NAESB Authorized Certificate Authority.

Energy industry participants need experts they can trust for the transition to NAESB ACA digital certificates.’s NAESB Digital Certificates are trusted by more than 2,000 energy industry customers and offer the highest level of security, proven 5 Star customer support, ease of management AND an exceptional value.

As original members of the NAESB WEQ Cyber Security Subcommittee (formerly the PKI Subcommittee) and leaders on NAESB’s RMQ Technology and Services and Retail Electric End Users segments, we take pride in working closely with industry leaders to provide ultimate security for the grid via user and device authentication with digital certificates.

LIMITED TIME: To make the transition to’s NAESB certificates easier, we are providing them at no charge for the first year to anyone who presents a competitors NAESB Client Digital Certificate*.

To transition to’s NAESB Client certificates and achieve compliance with FERC 676-H, which references NAESB WEQ-12 PKI requirements, please follow these steps:

  1. Browse to, click Next to confirm the number of certificates you need, and click Checkout to proceed.
  2. In the Checkout page, enter your company, contact and billing information to create your account, then click Next to confirm.
  3. Enter information for registrant and recipient for your NAESB certificate, then upload documents.
  4. Once your information has been validated, download your new certificate via Certificate Activation Link email you receive.
  5. When convenient, contact us at to register and link your new certificates and cancel your existing contracts.

If you need assistance with any of the above steps, please contact us at or 1-SSL-Certificate (1-775-237-8434) or just use the Live Chat option at the bottom right of this page.


* The first year is free, and every subsequent year thereafter is $75  – and there is never a cost for certificate maintenance activities like renewals, revocations, etc.