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Buy Premium Multi-subdomain SSL Certificate (click here for product details)

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Premium Multi-subdomain SSL Summary

  • CAN secure up to 3 different subdomains
  • An entry CAN be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or simply a subdomain+domain
  • All entries MUST have the same domain name, but can have different subdomains; for multi domain ssl please see UCC SSL
  • An entry CANNOT represent a wildcard domain name (i.e. *.domain.com); for multi domain wildcard ssl please see UCC SSL
  • CAN use on unlimited ip addresses with multiple, concurrent private keys (great for hosting and virtual hosts)
  • CAN use certificate on unlimited multiple servers concurrently

Example entries include:

  • www.domain.com
  • lync.domain.com
  • any.domain.com
1 Year $99.00
2 Years $89.10/yr (save 10%)
3 Years $84.15/yr (save 16%)
4 Years $79.20/yr (save 20%)
5 Years $74.25/yr (save 25%)
(includes 3 subdomains)