Sole Proprietor EV Application

Sole Proprietorships and Their Impact on Extended Validation for Code Signing Qualification 


Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates (EVCS) provide the highest level of validation available. The process of getting approved goes beyond the standard validation methods. Acquiring an EVCS helps boost organizational confidence by providing industry-leading identity assurance. For example, once issued, EV Code Signing Certificates receive automatic trust from Microsoft, bypassing the trust warning that unsigned apps get. 


Sole Proprietor Challenges:

Sole Proprietorship is problematic for Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates. Most Sole Proprietors do not register their companies with a government entity. This practice creates a validation problem. Without proof of existence with a city, county, state, or federal agency, Sole Proprietorships will not meet the requirements for Extended Validation.   

Remedy:’s remedy is to add a Personal Identity Verification Form which, along with the other standard EV requirements, will enable a sole proprietorship to meet the requirements for an EV certificate. This form requires either a notary seal with a currently registered notary, a registered CPA seal, or an active attorney signature. Combined with the other validation steps, the additional form adds a layer that will suffice for compliance, auditing, and security purposes.

Order Process:

All entities that apply for an EV code signing certificate must appear in a qualified independent business listing service such as Dun & Bradstreet and government business listings. List of acceptable business listings. Multiple levels of validation are required before receiving an EV.  Validation Specialists will work with you throughout the application process. They will be involved with:
  • Assessing your Applicant Eligibility
  • Conducting a Review of the Denied or Blocked List 
  • Reviewing for High-Risk Status
  • Verifying your organization’s legal existence and identity 
  • Ensuring your physical existence 
  • Verifying contact information 
  • Performing call-back verifications 
  • Conducting a third-party validation via lawyer, CPA, or Notary. 
  • Reviewing required photo ID.
Additional Information and Submittal Processes: 
  • The online application will guide you through the process. 
  • Requested information can be submitted in multiple ways. 
    • The most effective way is to create a service ticket through
    • Scan and attach the forms to the online service ticket, including the Certificate Order Number.  
    • If you have an Customer Portal Account, simple instructions on uploading information will be made available as you work through the application process.

How to Contact

  • Online via our website/chat line, which appears in the lower right corner of the website. Https://  
  • Call us direct: 1-775-237-8434
  • Email: 


This document is intended to help Sole Proprietorships qualify for an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate. Additional information can be found here:

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