How to Cancel eSigner Subscription

eSigner is a cloud code and document signing service that allows users like you to attach secure digital signatures to your files from any part of the world.

eSigner is offered as a paid service available to all Document Signing and Code Signing customers.

Currently, the eSigner subscription has to be manually removed from your order. If you wish to do so, please  follow the steps in the following sections.

Warning: You should not revoke eSigner unless you have an issued Yubikey token or you are storing the private keys in your own Hardware Security Module (HSM). If your certificate is singularly stored or issued in the eSigner cloud environment and you proceed to revoke it, it will result in the revocation not only of eSigner but your entire certificate as well. This means that your certificate has to be re-issued to be usable.

Select the Order You Want to be deactivated from eSigner

Login to your customer account, Click the Orders tab on the Menu and choose the particular order that you want to be revoked of eSigner subscription. Next, click the download link for that order to show all the information for your certificate.

You will know that your order still has an active eSigner subscription if the words eSigner active can be found before the subject of the certificate.

Click the REVOKE link

After clicking the download link, scroll down the page and locate the section that says END ENTITY CERTIFICATES. Look for the part that says eSigner Document Signing Certificate or eSigner Code Signing Certificate, depending on your order.

Make sure that you are in the right section, otherwise you might revoke the certificate stored in your Yubikey token. You can press Ctrl+F and type in eSigner Code Signing Certificate or eSigner Document Signing Certificate to take you immediately to the correct subsection.

Here, you will find the REVOKE link with an X mark beside it. Proceed to click the link.

  If you have clicked the correct Revoke link for eSigner, you will then be prompted to select your reason for revoking eSigner. After confirming your reason, click the Revoke button. You have now successfully revoked eSigner.
Note: Upon clicking the Revoke link, if you see a message about a Yubikey token, then you have selected the non-eSigner certificate and should cancel your actions and/or seek help from our support team by clicking the chat button at the lower-right section of the website.

Refresh the page and check for the revoked status

Scroll to the top of the page. Under the Subject column, there will no longer be the words “eSigner active” beside the subject of your certificate. This is now replaced with (eSigner available) to indicate that your certificate is not currently enrolled to eSigner and is available for resubscription.

If you scroll down the page again to the section saying eSigner Document Signing/Code Signing Certificate, you should see the status showing “REVOKED” and the date when you actioned it.

Remember, as long as you see eSigner available and not eSigner active beside the subject of your certificate, this means your eSigner subscription is deactivated.

We hope this guide has been able to help you. Get more information about the new eSigner Cloud Signing Platform by visiting

If you have any questions about the eSigner Cloud Signing Platform, feel free to contact by emailing or calling 1-877-775-7328 (US) or +1-775-237-8434 (International). You may also chat with’s friendly support staff at any time by visiting

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