If your SSL/TLS certificate still has remaining days on it, you can still renew or switch to SSL.com and the remaining days will be added to your new certificate, up to 90 days.

This is perfect if you want to switch to SSL.com from another provider, but you still have some remaining time on the existing SSL certificate. Also, if you want to renew ahead of schedule, but your current SSL will not expire for a couple of months.

To get your Carryover Coverage time, just renew or purchase your SSL.com certificate! Our system will automatically calculate how much time remains from your expiring SSL/TLS certificate and automatically apply it to your new certificate. This way you won’t lose SSL/TLS coverage  – and will get everything you’re paying for.

You’ll get notified immediately upon submitting your Certificate Signing Request in your SSL.com account.


You can receive up to 90 days of Courtesy Carryover time.

If you have any questions, just contact our support team at support@ssl.com!