Google Slowly Forcing Security on Internet

With a thoughtful, yet decided, hand Google is ushering in a new age of secure Internet communications. Starting this month with the release of Chrome 56, Google will label websites without a properly installed digital certificate as “Not Secure”. Initially, only websites that accept passwords or credit information over HTTP will receive the warning label … Continued

Mozilla Joins Google in Not Trusting CNNIC

“He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted” ~ Lao Tzu Rememb er the little story we did a while back about the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) titled The Curious Case of the Google Certificate that Wasn’t. Well, it appears Mozilla is jumping on the bandwagon. After much public discussion (and … Continued

Root Certificate For Gmail Expired Over Weekend

While Not Evil, It’s Still Messed Up Did you find yourself getting fewer emails on your Gmail account over the weekend? If you use a PC client or the web app, there’s a chance you might not have been receiving messages. Why? Well, because the SSL certificate for Google’s intermediate certificate authority expired Saturday. (And … Continued

Google Releases nogotofail Network Traffic Security Testing Tool

Earlier this week,  Chad Brubaker, Android Security Engineer, posted to the Google Online Security Blog about nogotofail, a new tool Google is releasing to help people test whether or not their network is safe and secure. Lucian Constantin at Info World has a decent write-up about nogotofail, but we wanted to go over this new security tool as … Continued

Boost Your SEO Rankings and Sales With SSL

Learn How SSL Can Improve Your Google Rank and Increase Sales Conversions Want to give your website rankings a boost? While there are a lot of different things you can do to accomplish this, one really easy way is to start using SSL on your entire website. When you make the switch to HTTPS, you’re … Continued

Google Planning to Deprecate SHA-1 Certificates Soon

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and this is good reason to be concerned about Google’s recent announcement that they will be accelerating the deprecation of SHA-1 certificates. The new policy was announced on August 19. Chrome 39 – due in less than 12 weeks – will show a warning for sites that use … Continued

RETIRE: It's Here: HTTPS as a ranking signal

According to a recent post on the official Google Webmaster Central Blog, they’ve announced big news that is going to have some webmasters scrambling to get SSL / TLS functioning on their websites. At a recent conference, the search engine giant made a call for HTTPS everywhere. To help speed that process along, Zineb Ait … Continued